The Fourteenth Brooklyn Field Hospital

 Back when I started this hobby, I did what most do. Burned a lot of powder, marched in the summer sun to the point of dropping, and went unwashed for several days. Though some revel in this type of behavior, for me, the novelty wore off quickly.
 As I became grayer, I decided to find a place in the shade to sit and talk to people.  The Medical Service was the place for me. I sold all of my armament and started building my Field Hospital. Now after more than a decade, I am still adding to it. It is definitely more expensive than portraying a foot soldier, but the tradeoff is acceptable to me. Now I spend the majority of my time in uniform, discussing the evolution of modern surgical techniques, germ theory, emergency room triage and pharmaceuticals.
                                                                 A most gratifying endeavor.

Photos taken at Islip Grange, Sayville NY, 9/20/2014