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 One of the most rewarding - and edifying - aspects of participation in a Living History unit such as the 14th, is the recreation of the camaraderie of the American Civil War.  Unlike the modern army, units then were recruited locally, most often with men who knew each other in civilian life so that in wartime they served with men and under officers known to them.  The result was an army with a character unlike any that exists in this country today.

In this army the "Regiment" was invariably the focal point of the individual solder's loyalty.  There was considerable pride in the Brigade, the Division, the Army Corps, etc., but at the heart of nearly every Civil War soldier was "his" regiment.  It is an important part of our mission as a "Living History" unit, to bring this feeling of loyalty to our members and to demonstrate it to the general population through our public appearances.

In addition to the history of the Civil War, we encourage our members to master the details that lend so much to a complete understanding of the Civil War and the men who fought it.  Skills like frying hardtack over a fire and boiling coffee in a tin cup, as well as singing the popular songs of the Civil War, add to the sense of empathy with the past that is necessary for a true understanding of it all.  We also encourage our members to be familiar with the entire history of the Fourteenth and its military descendants, as this history covers the history of our nation.

 That being said,  in recreating yourself as a 14th Brooklyn soldier there are four elements you must consider:  Research, realism, time and money.

Research:  The study of fact and even questionable information about the 14th Brooklyn.  Learning all there is about the Regiment and it's men by visiting the battlefields they fought and died on.

Realism:  It is essential, that a member be able to live in the past whenever spectators are present. At these times, modern conveniences and items are not allowed. They must be able to speak and display the mannerisms of a 19th century American.

Time: You must be prepared to give time to the hobby, by active participation in our programs.

Money:  It is the policy of our society, that each historian will be responsible for their own equipment, as we do not supply it.  Each prospective member therefore, must be prepared to outfit him or herself with a regulation uniform or civilian attire, and accoutrements including rifle and tent necessary to portray the 14th soldier or civilian from the period May 1861 through June 1864.
Assuming you are new to the hobby and are going to be a reenactor, we will provide you with a list of equipment that you will need to portray a 14th Brooklyn soldier.

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