Who We Are and What We Do

The 14th "Brooklyn" Regiment N. Y. S. M. Society of New York, Co. H,  was formed in June 1990, and has consisted of members from all walks of life who share a common goal. That is to portray the 14th "Brooklyn" Civil War soldier, in the most authentic way possible. We participate in Living History events, school presentations and lectures to all grade levels, memorial ceremonies and services.

We are a small "family" oriented group, in which all the members of the family can participate and enjoy. Some members may wish to become a "Living Historian" by wearing the uniform of the 14th, or period dress. Others may simply desire to support our endeavors as non active Society members. Either way, they will find that this hobby is both interesting and enjoyable.

As mentioned above, we are a small organization. Our membership has decreased over the years, and this is why we no longer participate in actual battle reenactments. Our primary purpose is education through living history. We still wear the uniform, we still set up a camp where possible, and we still put the same effort into our programs as we did on the battlefield. We take what we do seriously.

We visit the National Battlefield Park at Gettysburg Pa. several times a year. Once in the Spring to do volunteer work by cleaning up around the 14th's three monuments there. Another time in August to partake in a medical living history on the actual battlefield, and once again in November for Remembrance Day, when we honor those 'Red Legs' who fell there.